Huckletree Kensington

Aislinn MahonHead of Brand and InnovationHuckletree7/26/2023

Huckletree's new home for innovation will lean into West London's long history as a place for enormous creative energy

This week, we are delighted to announce the launch of Huckletree Kensington, a lovingly curated space which will champion West London’s reputation as a longstanding destination for culture, intellectual entertainment and transformative technology.

Our team is incredibly passionate about creating spaces that make people feel happy to come to work. This feels important now more than ever. The location of our hubs, as well as the buildings themselves, are core to our expansion strategy and decision making process. We take great care in selecting areas which will enrich our members' work experience, rituals and overall enjoyment and happiness. We also think of how we can add value to our surroundings, and become a home for innovation in the neighbourhoods we move into.

Huckletree Kensington will be our 10th hub to open in our 10th anniversary year - a special moment for us to mark a decade in business. We love the buzz, the energy and the creativity of this iconic neighbourhood, which is surrounded by incredible architecture and history - not to mention the plethora of great cafés, shops and cultural institutions nearby. Once the centre of London's artistic map and a site of enormous creative energy, Kensington remains the spiritual hub of the Capital's music industry, a scene for the media-arty-bohemian set, as well as being home to The Design Museum, a world-class cultural destination which anchors the western end of Kensington High Street. Huckletree has long been obsessed with the role culture plays in our lives - and how embracing a creative approach, and developing a more open mindset can help with our everyday decision making and problem solving, regardless of what industry we work in.

While London has seen huge transformation in recent years with the once cultural hotspots of Kensington replaced with high-end retailers, smart restaurants and multi-million pound residential properties, there is still a thriving heart to this area which fills us with enormous excitement. Our decision to open here was driven in part by a desire to unearth and connect the hidden pockets of creative talent and big thinking within the Borough. We think this will make for an incredibly interesting and diverse group of companies working under the same roof.

Our doors will open in early 2024, and our team are hard at work behind the scenes building a beautiful, engaging workspace that people will love coming into and being a part of. We’re excited to expand our footprint, and to become the home of innovation in Kensington. Watch this space!

Aislinn Mahon

As HKT Dublin’s fearless leader, Aislinn is expert in new market entry and identifying new opportunities for strategic growth, and helped launch Huckletree in Ireland in 2017. She's also deeply passionate about the practice and teaching of yoga. Superpower: Building inner confidence.