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The working world can be predictable. Experiences inside Huckletree are not. No formulas, no cue cards - we celebrate the wonky, weird, uncomfortable, beautiful, vibrant moments that come from chance and togetherness.

In this practical guide, we’re mapping out how places of work can be inherently social, joyful and authentic when you’re creative with how you curate experiences. These ideas can be applied to gathering your team, clients, partners, and audience (get creative with who you gather). See this as our practical guide for how we shape destinations of work, purpose and play.

Garage sessions

No, not band practice, but a collective of peers solving the greatest challenges currently faced. Our own garage session, aptly named “Steve’s Garage” is a gathering of founders in the ecosystem to discuss and solve challenges faced by founders today. Once the core challenges have been established, we build out workshops, labs, hackathons and interventions to address them.

Hack your programme with curveballs

Hold space each month for an experiential activation that’s a little left-fi eld. (Most) people love to be surprised, they hate mundanity. Build out a programme that’s eclectic with DJ sets, live sessions, book club takeovers, morning raves, food tasting sessions. And the beat goes on.

Intentional gathering

Be intentional with the way you gather people, and watch the outcomes. Curated roundtables, themed breakfasts, hosted dinners. It’s magical tuning into the discussions that happen when you bring brilliant minds together in one room. At our Ambassador dinners we write a question on a piece of card and lay it on people’s placemats, this sets the tone for the evening.

Kaleidoscopic perspectives

A soapbox for brilliant minds in the world. Bring people in for talks and panels that don’t just know their s***, they live it. Inspirational talks from brilliant, impactful people does so much to fi ll the inspiration cup. Remember, value happens at the intersection. Encourage healthy tension, diff ering or divergent perspectives and people who don’t share the same story.

Wellness, for the soul

Don’t get us wrong, we love yoga and it will always be a part of our wellness programme. But, it’s not a holistic wellness off ering. Wellness needs to be more interesting, more stimulating, and ultimately, it needs to open you up to emotional freedom. Call in expert guides to lead sessions and facilitate an opening of the mind. Think pop-up poetry nights to enliven the soul, nutrition workshops, and breathwork sessions.

30% screen time 70% experiential

Desk time is out. Collaboration time is in. People are getting their solo work done at home, workspaces should be designed around collaboration and experiences. Think open fl oors for standups, breakout zones for team brainstorming, and space for purpose-led lunches and wellbeing activities. At the core of all this is serendipity, designing spaces or programming moments that bring people together throughout the day.

Huckletree's Editorial Team

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