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Our belief

You can't change the world alone.

Our Vision

To be the most impactful and trusted workspace business in the world.

We’re committed to making a positive impact to the community and world around us, lending our voices to the conversations that matter and shining a light on people doing brave work to drive change in the world.

When we opened our first Huckletree space in 2014 we felt then what we know now; that brave outcomes and new innovation can only happen when rooted in community, and with an unwavering sense of togetherness.

We talk about Huckletree as an ecosystem. Ecosystems in nature are built on circular balance. Participating, giving, exchanging and reinvesting. This could not be more true of how we think about impact at Huckletree. Impact means that we are creating net- positive outcomes for our buildings, communities and locations, and this proudly sits at the heart of our vision and values.

Our Journey Towards Becoming B Corp Certified

Huckletree is B corp Certified! We are excited by the change in businesses being launched today, away from the growth at all costs model, towards models that prioritises transparency across operations and accountability to community, people and planet (Vs. only shareholders) and leadership at all times, not just when it is convenient. Read more about our commitment to continuous improvement across our business in our Impact Report 2023.

Download our Impact Report
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huckletree b corp certification

We are proud that every function of Huckletree is now being assessed through the prism of impact through B Corp. This is a new era of Huckletree, and thanks to the work we put into building solid foundations and a connected ecosystem, we’re keenly taking the challenge on.

Our impact moments over the years

  • 2014: Our first doors open in Clerkenwell
  • 2016: Huckletree Shoreditch, our challenger tech hub, opens
  • 2017: Our first two Alpha cohorts take place and we open our digital lifestyle hub at White City, as well as our first B2B tech hub in Dublin
  • 2018: Our Alpha accelerator expands to Ireland
  • 2019: Huckletree Soho, our venture capital hub, opens - as well as our GovTech and public sector hub in Westminster, in partnership with PUBLIC.
  • 2020: Huckletree programming goes virtual and the New Work Mindset Report is published.
  • 2021: Earthrise Summit takes place in May
  • 2022: Earthrise Summit 2 takes place, and we submit our B Corp application
  • 2023: Huckletree Manchester expands, we open our Web3 hub at Oxford Circus, receive our B Corp certification and release our first Impact Report!
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You can't change the world alone. We're looking for partners, advocates and ecosystem champions who are as passionate as we are about building positive change and better representation.

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